About Us

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The Founder

Nanook Enterprises Ltd (“Nanook”) is a social enterprise based in Kingston, Jamaica that empowers Caribbean artists and entrepreneurs to make a living from their culture and creativity. It is the first and only creative incubator of its kind in Jamaica.

We provide the resources people need to materialize their creative vision and we connect our creators with international collaborators and clientele.Our multipurpose, co-working space includes a hostel, an outdoor lounge with a bar and fire pit to meet the social and business needs of our members.

Holistic, practical and innovative: Nanook equips artists and entrepreneurs with the solutions they need. Our products and services are geared at managing intellectual property assets, integrating innovative technologies, and facilitating healthy peer collaboration and cultural exchange.

The Nanook Approach: Engendering respect for creators and culture- Encouraging dynamism and variance- Fostering value-added production in creative industries- Creating win-win solutions through stakeholder integration- Facilitating exploration and expression of creative and cultural elements- Connecting Caribbean creators and culture to the world

We are doing all we can to help build bridges for people to “mekitinnalife” (make a better life) in pursuit of their creative passions.