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On March 8th the world celebrates International Women’s Day. Here in Jamaica, there were a plethora of female-themed activities. But this March sees the addition of two public marches being organised to raise awareness of the issue of violence against women.

The first was a state-planned activity; which took place on International Women’s Day and culminated in a spectacular concert. One marked objection on choice of lineup:

The second is a collaborative effort being organised by two citizen-led groups “OOMAN” – Our Own Means And Needs and the Tambourine Army are coordinating the Million Ooman March today March 11th. This march similarly ends with a concert – a list of objectives are available on the Facebook pages of each group.


Tamborine Army –

For some reason, now more than ever, the women of Jamaica feel a need to let their voices be heard! It’s also pretty clear that they feel that using music is a primary way to build AWARENESS of their issues and hopefully inspire ACTION towards SOLUTIONS!

In recognition of these efforts and the increasing levels of violence towards women, I present my Top 5 songs recognising the views of women in Jamaica from then till now!

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Joan Webley’s love of music is one of her primary reasons for trying to aid the development of the arts in Jamaica. This passion for music has shaped Joan’s career. She worked in the entertainment industry in Australia for three years, first as a junior publicist and booking agent while she trained to be a barrister, and later representing film makers on copyright issues after being admitted to legal practice. Returning to Jamaica in 2008, Joan has been steadily training and implementing other developmental initiatives. Drawing on her experience in entertainment law, Joan set up her company Nanook Enterprises to help talented musicians, film makers and writers make a living from their art.

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