Mamayashi: “From the very beginning of my company, Mamayashi Collection, I saw it as integrated with reggae music. Because reggae music has a global reach and comes from a spiritual place..and that’s how I design.

But the similarities don’t stop there. Mamayashi Collection, like Reggae is for all who identify with resilience, inventiveness, and a healthy respect for nature, ancestors and Africa, as a way of life. In particular, Mamayashi’s clothing has become the virtual “armour” of choice for women wanting to regain and retain their feminine strength. “Effortless elegance” and “rasta chic” are labels that have been attributed to the designer. She sees herself as dressing, “Revolution Angels” and “Goddesses”. (You may have noted Queen Ifrica wearing the Amber piece in the “True-versation” video with Jr Gong.)

Speaking recently on a panel during the 2017 JaRIA Reggae OPEN University Series, the designer shared that she is “… becoming more mindful about the kind clothes I want to make and the kind of message I want the people wearing it to feel.. I come from a place that’s artical and pure and bring forth these things that have a universal ratio.”

To grab ahold of some of “these things” , head to and follow the designer on Instagram at @mamayashi_designer

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Joan Webley’s love of music is one of her primary reasons for trying to aid the development of the arts in Jamaica. This passion for music has shaped Joan’s career. She worked in the entertainment industry in Australia for three years, first as a junior publicist and booking agent while she trained to be a barrister, and later representing film makers on copyright issues after being admitted to legal practice. Returning to Jamaica in 2008, Joan has been steadily training and implementing other developmental initiatives. Drawing on her experience in entertainment law, Joan set up her company Nanook Enterprises to help talented musicians, film makers and writers make a living from their art.


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