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Nanook – Last Minute @ JA Expo 2016!!

Talent x Experience x Opportunity = Upness

If you go to The Village or anywhere near the JA Expo 2016!! Be sure to keep an eye out for Nanook community paintings! The process of makinNanook at JA Expo 2016!!g this happen wasn’t the smoothest. When Nanook got the call to be a part of contributing an artistic offering to the JA Expo 2016 we were thrilled that the role of art in helping to encourage people to Build and Buy Jamaica is finally being recognised. That was not altogether correct.

While this post could be about all of what did not happen, instead it’s an invitation to anyone the heads to JA EXPO 2016 to take a second, after going past FLOW’s massive US Game of Thrones display, to check out 6 pieces of original artwork created at The Sankofa Sessions at Nanook over the last year.Hopefully the next time the Expo is staged there can be LIVE painting demonstrations and perhaps an international art buyers auction.

13000441_10153359124505947_635232137_oThese pieces are part of a developing collection called “Portraits of Jah People” and include the following original works: “Marcus” by Bughart, “Untitled” by Naecia Dixon, “Untitled” by Beronde Blue, “MUMA” by Ari Natural, & “LunaDia: Mother(Land) Moon” by Biko InMotion and Dexta Malawi, “Reflection of Life in its Divine Essence” by LifeChild.

Above these pieces you will see a sign about their significance and maybe you’re actually reading this as a result…if so…that’s upness! 🙂 If not, this is what that sign says:

“The Sankofa Sessions at Nanook, nurtured through collaboration with DJ Iset Sankofa and street artist Matthew McCarthy, created a bohemian oasis in Kingston, “the heartbeat of Jamaica” and initiated a safe zone for creatives of all kinds. Painted by students, amateurs in a very dynamic space, the vibrant collaboration has led to greater things, such as the UP!Tour of Summer 2015.  This collection of of the works, entitled “Portraits of Jah People” are representative of the spirit and dynamism of Jamaican culture and creativity, which has the power to change our reality if only we dare believe it. The Nanook Come-Unity has demonstrated the expansive potential for growth and exposure of Jamaican art.

For more information on these works or to get in contact with the creators, head to: or Instagram: @nanookent”

Blessings from Nanook

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Joan Webley’s love of music is one of her primary reasons for trying to aid the development of the arts in Jamaica. This passion for music has shaped Joan’s career. She worked in the entertainment industry in Australia for three years, first as a junior publicist and booking agent while she trained to be a barrister, and later representing film makers on copyright issues after being admitted to legal practice. Returning to Jamaica in 2008, Joan has been steadily training and implementing other developmental initiatives. Drawing on her experience in entertainment law, Joan set up her company Nanook Enterprises to help talented musicians, film makers and writers make a living from their art.

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