One more year of Nanook… Let’s DO IT!

Minister Hylton and Nanook 2016

Very excited for 2016, but also so tired: pace and balance are necessary! 2015 was definitely a transformative year. Since really starting Nanook in 2013, I kept and facilitated several events, seminars and consultations and was able to more intimately understand the challenges and issues faced by local creatives. Eternal gratitude to every member of the creative community locally and internationally that shared this creative space and contributed their energy and ideas. Your input was valued, it was not in vain, and we will continue to try to do better!

Several events, and sponsorship proposals later we realised that for self-sustainability magic was necessary! We had to do something different and seek opportunity and solutions for ourselves. The UP!Tour was really the culmination of the feeling that, our independence and ability to survive would ultimately rely on our ability to review all past programmes, pick a model and seek opportunities for growth outside of Jamaica. 

There are several reasons why the UP!Tour almost didn’t happen, and many miraculous moments occurred along the journey. The UP!Tour was personally and professionally beneficial to all of the members and we were able to demonstrate the power of collectivism. The 8 of us DID what we intended, spreading the Jamaican culture in the old continent, creating networks with a lot of people. 

Most importantly we built our confidence! We learned that PROGRESS and COLLABORATION is hard work… but it’s also easy, we only have to DO IT! We DID IT together, even if we have had a lot of difficulties, financial hurdles, visa challenges, etc. Give thanks and a big bless UP! to all the people who put trust in UP!Tour. Blessings to Italee, Peter, Matthew, Visual Ninja, Dan Tho, Ashtan and Alex. Gratitude to St. Pauli family, all the people that we met at different places in Germany and at Rototom in Spain.

Minister Hylton and Nanook 2016

Today I met with the Minister of Industry, Investment & Commerce, and reported on the UP!Tour 2015. Movements towards UP!Tour 2016 have leveled up. We have new ideas having learned from the past, and will make it better and better.

2016 will continue the transformation. Nanook has evolved into “The Nook” hostel which opened its doors to first guests from Switzerland, Italy, France, Canada. The membership hub will return in updated form in 2016, our activities are streamlined to Signature Events and we are excited to introduce our expanded network to the UP!Shop. I really believe in these new opportunities for our community. I’m working to make it real and the Team is growing. It’s so easy, just DO IT.

It’s only been one week, but for me this new year I re-affirm my first goal: TODAY IS THE BEST DAY OF YOUR LIFE. So, just DO IT!

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Joan Webley’s love of music is one of her primary reasons for trying to aid the development of the arts in Jamaica. This passion for music has shaped Joan’s career. She worked in the entertainment industry in Australia for three years, first as a junior publicist and booking agent while she trained to be a barrister, and later representing film makers on copyright issues after being admitted to legal practice. Returning to Jamaica in 2008, Joan has been steadily training and implementing other developmental initiatives. Drawing on her experience in entertainment law, Joan set up her company Nanook Enterprises to help talented musicians, film makers and writers make a living from their art.

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